Hope House Program


Hope House is home.

Hope House is much more than a residence — it is a program providing crucial support and avenues to empowerment for asylum seekers in greater Portland who benefit from a nurturing community as they begin a new life in Maine. Hope House is also a place for people who wish to be a part of something larger than themselves, through ongoing leadership and service. As active community members, Hope House residents lead the house council, participate in routine chores and upkeep of the facility, and collaboratively organize cultural and social programs where they engage deeply with Portland’s peoples and places.

Some aspects of the Hope House program include:

  • One-to-one staff support from the Program Coordinator who makes referrals to community resources & supports each resident on an individual journey toward independent living.
  • An on-site House Manager who provides daily staff support to residents and convenes regular house meetings.
  • A Resident Council, which meets every other Friday to address community issues & provide leadership for all Hope House programming.
  • English language practice courses and tutoring at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels through the HHELP program.
  • Social gatherings and service opportunities where residents engage each other & the broader community, building relationships that inspire and enrich the lives of everyone involved. These range from hosting African meals for Hope House visitors, to volunteering at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen, to attending a Sea Dogs game with fellow members of the Hope Acts community.
  • Workshops and presentations by local organizations ranging from community relations with law enforcement to art classes and resiliency training.

Exciting new initiatives include:

  • The launch of a mentoring program that matches up passionate & trained volunteers from the community with Hope House residents. Relationships will center residents’ personal goals, as well as informal English conversation practice, and having fun! Visit our Volunteer Program page to learn more about mentoring and how to apply.
  • The creation of a curriculum for residents with a joint focus on trauma healing and leadership development. Currently in initial stages, this Hope House-specific program will combine culturally relevant practices of healing from trauma with opportunities for residents to foster empowering connections with established immigrant leaders. Our aim is to deepen our investment in the emotional, spiritual, and cultural well-being of Hope House residents, in order to create a ripple-effect of immigrant leadership across the state that promotes hope, hospitality, and healing.