Please Support Hope Acts!


There are so many inspiring stories from the hundreds of people who are part of Hope Acts that it is hard to pick just one. This is Jean Luc’s story and his thanks to all of you who support Hope Acts. Please donate to Hope Acts today, so others will have the same opportunity to move from despair to hope for the future.

“In the summer of 2015, I reached Portland, Maine after three years in different African countries. I was separated from beloved friends, but I always believed I would find peace and freedom, and this gave me strength for the journey. I did not know how I was going to survive but I had hope!

I found myself in the homeless shelter, which shook my heart and gave me anxiety and panic. I did not speak English, I did not understand the culture and I stood out because I was one of the few people there with dark skin.

I started asking where I could get help, and someone showed me the office of Hope Acts, and I applied for an apartment at Hope House.”

It is hard to imagine leaving family, friends and everything else behind and starting over in a new country like Jean Luc. But it is not hard to imagine Jean Luc arriving in Portland and being welcomed by a warm, caring community because I’ve been part of Hope Acts since its inception in 2012. I have met so many people like Jean Luc, who have fled their homeland because of a real threat to their personal safety.

This is the rest of Jean Luc’s story:

“Thanks to Hope Acts, I met many people and made friends. Hope House became everything to me. After eight months living there, I got work authorization and I went to apply for a job. Think of that — someone who came here alone without speaking good English and without family is now working at Maine Medical Center!

I cannot tell you how happy I am. I cannot finish my story without saying thank you to Hope Acts, for caring for the vulnerable ones, not only asylum seekers, but also my friends who are in recovery from addiction. We face the same stigma, but we are lucky we have Hope Acts! Life is good!”

Jean Luc is just one of the hundreds of people in the Greater Portland area whose life has been made better by Hope Acts. Thank you again for being part of our community of hospitality, hope and healing.

Thank you again for supporting Hope Acts!