LD 1547: Narcan/Overdose Antidote Bill

We support LD 1547, “An Act To Provide Access to Affordable Naloxone Hydrochloride for First Responders” and urge Maine’s legislature to override Governor LePage’s veto of this bill – which if passed would allow pharmacies to dispense live-saving Naloxone (or Narcan), the opiate overdose antidote. If this bill becomes law, not just first-responders, but any person, would be allowed to have Narcan and SAVE LIVES BY REVERSING OVERDOSES.

Here is The Portland Press Herald‘s editorial in support of an override.

If you, too, support the concept that the lives of all Mainers (of all people!) are precious, we urge you to join us in contacting your representatives [Maine House of Representatives emails here; Maine State Senator contact info here] and ask them to override the governor’s veto of this potentially life-saving legislation.

Below is a template for writing an email – just suggestions, so feel free to write your own – [note bold brackets to fill in pertinent information].

Thank you!
Liz Leuthner, Program Coordinator for Recovery & Wellness (liz@hopeacts.org)

Dear [Senator or Representative] ________,

I am writing to implore you to override the vetoing of LD1547, “An Act To Provide Access to Affordable Naloxone Hydrochloride for First Responders”

There is no evidence to support the claim that Naloxone increases drug use, and studies show the exact opposite. Having access to Naloxone saves lives and increases the potential for a transition in to treatment, whereupon people frequently find recovery and sustained abstinence.

It is imperative to allow for this life saving opioid reversal medication to be made available to those that need it. With the rural nature of the Sate of Maine, often the first on the scene to a person who is experiencing an overdose, and the person who will administer the Naloxone, is a family member or friend. Empowering them with tools to assist in the reversal and transition into recovery, is paramount.

We have the opportunity to join the rest of New England, and dozens of other states across the US, in increasing the potential for someone to enter recovery, heal with their family and friends, and rebuild their lives in the community. For those in charge of the safety and well-being of the public, this can and should be a priority.

As [a person in recovery], [an ally of those in recovery], [a voter], and [community member], I thank you for your attention to this important issue and again urge you to override the veto of LD1547.