Finding Out ~ May 17 Retreat


an opportunity to connect with the Earth and help the community

Saturday, May 17
9 am-5 pm @ HopeGateWay
509 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME

Finding Out is a two-part day retreat ~ we’ll spend the first half of the day at HopeGateWay, connecting with the Earth and “finding out” about ourselves, God, and Creation through prayer, projects, and Earth-related practices. In the afternoon we’ll live into the practices at Cultivating Community, working at their South Portland site.

• morning retreat (9a-12p) led by Rev. Linda Grenfell
• lunch (12-1p)
project caring for the Earth with Cultivating Community, South Portland (2-5p)

• bring a potluck dish to share ~ how can we eat together intentionally/organically?
• help with set up & clean up, of course!
• carpool with others to conserve resources ~ and build community!
• spread the word ~ invite friends to join you!
• RSVP (liz@hopegateway) ~ space is limited ~ and let us know how you can help!

Free. But we are always happy and grateful to accept your donations to Hope Acts!

Hope Acts Recovery & Wellness programs allow us the opportunity to experience new ways of moving into closer relationship with the Divine and to explore the 11th step, “to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood God…”

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